Information for Prospective Students/Postdocs


Information for Prospective Members

 Thank you for your interest in the Nanoelectronics Research Lab (NRL) at UCSB. NRL is always looking for supremely motivated graduate students and post-docs who are inclined to pursue research/academic careers. A few outstanding undergraduates are also hired from time-to-time (preference is given to UCSB students, who are U.S. residents).

At NRL, members are encouraged to contemplate and tackle problems today that others will worry about tomorrow. The primary focus is on intermediate to long range research. The Lab is well equipped and funded by various federal, state and industrial entities. Moreover, NRL has collaborations with some of the best known research institutes and labs (both academic and industrial) around the globe. State-of-the-art nanofabrication facilities are also available within UCSB.

NRL Environment and Survival Guidelines:

  • Research creativity & productivity are the primary metrics for evaluating the performance of all NRL members.
  • NRL has very high standards in terms of both the quality and quantity of work needed for the MS/PhD degrees. The PI has the final say on all graduation requirements.
  • Maintaining high-GPA (≥ 3.7/4.0) is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for survival in the lab.
  • Although NRL exemplifies a friendly and co-operative environment, members are expected to work independently on their individual projects.
  • New graduate students are encouraged to focus on research as early as possible and take no more than one course per quarter. However, they may audit some classes as needed.
  • Seeking internship opportunities (including summer jobs) in industrial groups/labs is encouraged, provided the students’ research stand to benefit from such activities.
  • All doctoral students are required to clear: (i) the PhD Screening Exam within the first year of their stay in the lab. (ii) the PhD Qualifying Exam at the beginning of the second year (for students with MS degrees) but no later than the end of the second year (for all students).
  • NRL is highly result oriented and there is no micromanagement of students. However, everyone is expected to maintain high research and work ethics. Plagiarism of any kind is not tolerated.
  • Students who are unable to demonstrate satisfactory research progress within a reasonable time period (1-2 years) must seek opportunities elsewhere. In some cases, an M.S. degree can be salvaged (for students without M.S. degrees) if the work meets the M.S. thesis requirements as per NRL standards.

Applying for Positions in NRL: 

  • Post-doc positions require strong publication record in reputed international journals and conferences. At least two references are also needed. Candidates should contact the PI.
  • Graduate student openings are usually limited to those seeking the PhD degree (or the MS/PhD degrees) in ECE or in one of the related disciplines. Competition is severe and applications should be completed by December 15 (for the Fall quarter). Students with undergraduate and/or graduate research experience are preferred over those with only high GPAs. Students may choose either CE or E&P as their major area of emphasis in their application. Students with BS degrees can only apply for admission in the Fall quarter. Students with MS degrees can apply for admission in any quarter (although Fall is preferred).
  • Undergraduate positions (including summer internships) are normally open to domestic students only.
  • Graduate applications are handled by the ECE admissions office.
  • Visa and other related issues are handled by the OISS. * Interested students may send their CV + publications directly to the PI.

Information for Postdoctoral Fellows

Post-doc positions require strong publication record in reputed international journals and conferences. At least two references are also needed. Candidates should contact the PI.