Navab Singh

Institue of Microelectronics, Singapore

Graduated with M.Sc. degree in Physics from CCS University Meerut, and M.TECH. degree in Solid State Materials from IIT Delhi, Dr Navab Singh started his career in India as a Lithography Engineer. To explore greater opportunities, he moved to Singapore in July 1999 and joined TECH Semiconductors as a Lithography Process and Equipment Engineer. Soon after, Dr Singh joined IME as Senior Research Engineer to work on various lithography projects. Being an opportunist, he moved his research focus from a widely developed lithography technology to a new high potential area, the nanowire based nanoelectronics, in mid 2005. His drive and research contributions in nanowire technology led the research group to win the A*STAR-SERC inter-RI best poster award in 2005, IEEE George E. Smith Award in 2007 and Singapore National Technology Award in 2008. Dr Singh has authored or co-authored about 130 papers covering his three different research areas, namely lithography, nanowire technology, and nanomagnetism. Many of his papers have been chosen as technical highlights or best papers at various conferences and prestigious journals. He has also filed 5 patents related to nanowire technology. When asked about his most memorable achievement in IME, he replied, "The realization of hybrid phase shift mask for patterning beyond conventional lithography resolution capability and nanowire technology are my most memorable development. I remember presenting my 1st paper “Side Lobes in Attenuated Phase Shift Mask” in SPIE 2002 and the interaction with the litho gurus during the event. Indeed, implementation of phase shift mask technology is a milestone towards the development of nanowire technology in IME. Receiving awards for nanowire technology are unforgettable." Dr Singh said, "I have excellent working relationship with my Reporting Officer (RO), Dr. Patrick Lo and my colleagues. Because of this chemistry, I got tremendous opportunities to learn management and leadership skills from Dr. Lo."