NRL's pioneering work on contacts to 2D semiconductors amongst all-time 'Top-10 Most Cited Papers' in Physical Review X

NRL's pioneering work on contacts to 2D semiconductors is amongst the highly cited PRX papers.

November 5, 2021
PRX Highly Cited Papers
PRX Highly Cited Papers
NRL's pioneering work on metal-contacts to 2D semiconductors published in July 2014 in Physical Review X (PRX) that helped demystify their physics and overcome a major obstacle toward 2D-electronics is included amongst the journal's exclusive list of All-time Top-10 Most Cited Papers announced in the November 2021 Newsletter of the American Physical Society (APS). With an impact-factor of 15.76, PRX is one of the top journals covering all areas of physics. According to the journal editors, "A hallmark of PRX is a focus on truly innovative research, regardless of whether that research is particularly eye-catching or flashy." 
This is the sole device physics or 2D materials related paper in that list selected out of over 2500 published articles since the journal was launched a decade ago. According to the journal, "This is a very small number to select, but sets the highest standard of what’s important and what’s impactful  while ensuring topically and geographically diverse coverage.”
Contacts play a central role in determining the performance of miniaturized transistors designed with 2D semiconductors as channel materials. This recognition is another testimony to the leading-edge research being carried out at the NRL that benefits the growing community of researchers worldwide working on 2D materials for designing next-generation electronic and opto-electronic devices.