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IoT Devices and Electronics

Ultra-low power and high-sensitivity bio/chemical/gas sensors; Device technologies for harsh environments; Wireless communication and sensing devices; Energy scavenging/conversion devices including thermoelectric devices; Nano-bio interface devices and technologies; Flexible/stretchable/wearable electronics and displays; Artificial intelligence processing edge devices.


Selected Publications

Kaustav Banerjee
IEEE 2nd Electron Devices Technology and Manufacturing Conference (EDTM), Kobe, Japan, March 13-16, 2018, pp. 4-6.
Plenary Paper

Xuejun Xie, Jiahao Kang, Yongji Gong, Pulickel M. Ajayan and Kaustav Banerjee
IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), San Francisco, December 2-6, 2017, pp. 5.3.1-5.3.4.
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Deblina Sarkar, Wei Liu, Xuejun Xie, Aaron Anselmo, Samir Mitragotri and Kaustav Banerjee
ACS Nano, Vol. 8, No. 4, pp. 3992-4003, 2014.
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Jiahao Kang, Deblina Sarkar, Yasin Khatami and Kaustav Banerjee
Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 103, No. 8, 083113, 2013.
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Deblina Sarkar and Kaustav Banerjee
Applied Physics Letters, 100, No. 14, 143108, 2012.
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